Anarchy on the Edge

Alexei's Contract Log

Entry #1
Comrade Nikolai Kozlov tells me of big corporate job with Trinity United. I am to meet a Mr.Diego Albach at a gala. Perhaps my old blues will fit still.

Entry #2
Ryant hired myself and three others to retrieve some engine from the depths of the seeder territory of the ship. 1000 up front, 10,000 for schematic. 1,000,000 for the engine. Biggest job so far, unfortunately the strange doctor, Dr. Alekk Vitaris, is along. I still think he is colluding with something and purposefully not telling others about the warp demons. Not to mention, he’s a kraut.

Entry #3
After getting drunk with my new comrades, arm wrestling a cyborg, and getting stopped by Jimmy Tran I found myself on Tetsuo Ishimura’s ship readying for a trip to the tears in the hull of the ship. According to the doctor, this is where our engine is.

Entry #4
Some пизда shot me in my чертов leg! Seems like I’ll be shooting my way to the engine now.

Entry #5
These seeders wear orange suits, and they defend something called “the forsaken zone.” I’ve killed three mooks since we spoke last.

Entry #6
Stitched up the doctor’s side after robot launched a machete at his chest… After doing so another droid with a jet engine.. um.. fried him. Now we are stuck, with no ship in some robotic wasteland. I fear for our softer members lives.



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