Tetsuo Ishimura

An Impulsive Explorer who Pilots Starcraft.


Tetsuo Ishimura is a Human Male born on Guiyang Prime, the first colony established in space by the Asiatic People’s Republic. He first worked as a Pilot for YR Enterprises as a Freighter Pilot, delivering exclusive ore between worlds and systems. His years of experience and natural skill have now allowed him the opportunity to become a Fringe Scout, exploring uncharted systems and planets for the Asiatic People’s Republic. On one of his first missions as a Fringe Scout, the Warp Gate in the system mysteriously stopped working, leaving him cut off from everything he has known. Being stranded in an unfamiliar system isn’t all that bad however. He lives for the feeling that exploring the Fringe gives him, and as long as he has his ship and the money to maintain his lifestyle, he’ll be fine. After all, a pilot of his caliber is always in demand, and demand is high on the Fringe.

Lightweight Survival Suit for planet-side exploration.

Wyvern Class Scout, an older model of Fighter that has been re-purposed for Fringe Scouting.


Tetsuo Ishimura was born on the first world colonized by the Asiatic People’s Republic, Guiyang Prime. Guiyang Prime was once a barren yet resource rich world, but has transformed into a sprawling planet-wide metropolis that covers approximately 60% of the planet’s surface. In the few hundred years that have passed since humans have stepped onto this planet, it has turned from a hopeful bastion of human civilization into an overpopulated and heavily industrialized world. Almost the entire population works in one of the many factories or refineries that is owned by the very influential YR Enterprises. This Corporation came into power from investing heavily into this colony, therefore gaining the rights to the rich ore that resides under the surface. They have been systematically gathering and selling this ore throughout the known universe, since it is quite valuable as an incredibly durable metal. Tetsuo Ishimura began working as a Freighter Pilot for YR Enterprises, seeing it as an opportunity to leave the dismal planet and his poverty-stricken life behind. More motivating than that however was his intense desire to become a space frontiersman, a romantic notion that he grasped onto from reading books of the first space explorers hundreds of years ago. His years of service and natural skill as a pilot lead to him gaining much recognition in his mid 20’s, and he was contracted by the Asiatic People’s Republic to become a “Fringe Scout”, a pilot who users a small crew-less ship to explore uncharted space, and to probe planets for colonization purposes. On his most recent mission, the Warp Gate in the system suddenly stopped working, leaving all communication and travel out of the system frozen.

Tetsuo Ishimura

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