Alexei Bulgova

Sharp Eyed Warrior Who Masters Weaponry


Only two years remained in Alexei’s and his closest comrade’s tour of duty when warping ceased to exist. Not many jobs remained and many of the soldiers became anxious. Talks began over late night poker games deep in the barracks, of life post-service. Mercenary work seemed the obvious choice for many of these harsh men, but they lacked organization and very little funding to begin their venture. One of the men was close to Alexei and knew he had access to the small arsenal aboard the FSS Commerce. He approached Alexei with the proposition, and after light twisting of the arm he agreed. Thus the Mariners mercenary group was formed with the stolen arms of the Commerce. While Alexei receives contacts from the Mariners he does not work directly for them. His part of the deal was more about what he was allowed to keep out of the heist. This elite armor suit and cannon were his spoils and all he needed to begin his own contracting work.


Highly impractical for most missions, Alexei’s battlesuit and heavy blaster cannon are reserved for stationary security missions against large numbers of foes. Most of the time you will find him in lighter armor with a heavy blaster rifle. If you’ve seen Alexei in plainclothes you probably wouldn’t recognize him in his armor, which makes him look 2 feet taller and far more muscular than he really is.



Alexei was born in the medical wing of a warp freighter returning to Earth from a supply run to the outer rims. The ship docked in the Federation of Slavic States, his parents homeland. Both of his parents were fledgling exporters who oversaw a small freighter to sell supplies in bulk to the outer rim. The ship was no place for a child and thus Alexei spent much of his childhood with his uncle, Feliks. Feliks was… interesting. His father’s brother underwent trauma as a young child when he claims he was kidnapped by a powerful criminal syndicate posing as an interest group with huge amounts of sway on the FSS. He claims that in his escape he saw things he couldn’t unsee, all part of a mass governmental conspiracy. This experience made him the tin-foil-hat-wearing- researcher of the weird science and the occult that raised Alexei for the better half of each year. Feliks even went as far as to claim that warp technology would suddenly give out in the near future at the whim of the warp demons inhabiting the space between space… Imagine his face on that fateful day… Anyway, Alexei mostly resisted his uncle’s conspiracies at the behest of his parents but if there was one thing Feliks and Alexei could agree on, was that arms and armor would always be there for them. Alexei was taught the ways of weapons and combat from an early age and it seemed natural that those skills would take him into the business of his father and mother as an exporter, only for the Merchant Marines of the FSS. After the warp failure he left the MMs and worked with a few of his comrades to form a driven group of contractors. Jobs were done, enemies were made.

Alexei Bulgova

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