Dr. Alekk Vitaris

A Driven Adept that Calculates the Incalculable


Dr. Vitaris originates form the core systems, and comes from old German aristocracy. A fact that he doesn’t try to hide or show off those that he meets.

Vitaris has an an estranged wife and son who live on Earth, in the German Union. While he cares deeply for his family, Vitaris was offered a chance to server as chief science officer aboard the FSS Commerce, and a chance to study Wormhole readings during their journey to the edge.

In the middle of his experiments, he began to see strange patterns in the dark matter probe that he was studying. The effect left him in a coma for over a week. He awoke with… powers and an understanding of dark matter than few can comprehend.

Vitaris discovered that there were others that gained these powers as well, members of a secret organization known as The Inevitables. Vitaris is a reluctant member as the group has become more about gaining political and commercial power than learning the secrets behind their powers and how it might be related to the failing Wormhole network.

Despite all the changes, Vitaris feels incredibly driven to discover a way to repair the Wormholes, even if it means losing his newfound abilities. He wants, more than anything, to return to his wife and son.

Dr. Alekk Vitaris

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